ΛCDM Graphical History

Data References

Below we document sources in the literature from which we derive the values plotted in the graphical parameter histories. Each row in the table corresponds to a data reference source. An 'x' in a parameter column means data from that row's reference was included in the parameter's graphical history plot.

Data References
Label ns t0 τ Ωm Ωbh2 Ωch2 σ8 Reference
GC NGC7652 age 1996   x           Renzini et al.(1996)
COBE/DMR 1yr 1996 x             Bennett et al. (1996)
CNOC galaxy survey 1998       x       Carlberg et al. (1998)
IRAS Galaxy velocity fields 1998             x Willick and Strauss (1998)
SNIa 1999   x           Perlmutter et al. (1999)
D/H+BBN 2001         x     Pettini and Bowen (2001)
White dwarf dating 2002   x           Hansen et al. (2002);
Richer et al. (2002)
Galaxy bias + z distort 2002       x       Verde et al. (2002)
Clusters+SNIa 2002         x     Steigman et al. (2002)
Boomerang 2002a x x x   x x   Netterfield et al. (2002)
DASI+DMR 2002 x       x x   Pryke et al. (2002)
CBI SZ 2002             x Komatsu and Seljak (2002)
CBI+DMR 2003         x     Sievers et al. (2003)
D/H+BBN 2003         x     Kirkman et al. (2003)
X-ray cluster abunduance 2003             x Bahcall and Bode (2003)
WMAP1++ 2003b     x         Spergel et al. (2003)
SNIa 2004       x       Riess et al. (2004)
D/H+BBN 2012         x     Pettini and Cooke (2012)
WMAP9++ 2013c x x x x x x   Hinshaw et al. (2013)
BOSS Lyα forest 2013 x           x Palanque-Delabrouille et al. (2013)
BAO+LSS 2013       x     x Addison et al. (2013)
Planck SZ+BAO+BBN       x     x Planck Collaboration (2014)
SPT SZ bispectrum 2014             x Crawford et al. (2014)
ACT SZ PDF 2014             x Hill et al. (2014)
BOSS weak lensing 2015       x     x More et al. (2015)
SNIa 2014       x       Betoule et al. (2014)
Planck-PR2++ 2015d x x   x x x x Planck XIII (2015)
Planck HFI 2016     x         Planck Int. XLVI (2016)
D/H+BBN 2016         x     Cooke et al. (2016)

aBoomerang τ value is an upper limit prior.

bDerived from multiple data sources: WMAP+ACBAR+CBI+2dFGRS+Lyα

cDerived from multiple data sources: WMAP+eCMB+BAO+Ho

dDerived from multiple data sources: TT+TE+EE+lowP+lens+ext.

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