ABS Publications

  • The cross correlation of the ABS and ACT maps
    Li, Zack, et.al.,

  • Results from the Atacama B-mode Search (ABS) Experiment
    Kusaka, Akito, et.al., 2018, JCAP.., 09, 005K
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Systematic effects from an ambient-temperature, continuously-rotating half-wave plate
    Essinger-Hileman, T., et.al., 2016, RScI.., 87i4503E
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Characterizing Atacama B-mode Search Detectors with a Half-Wave Plate
    Simon, S. M., et.al., 2016, JLTP., 184, 534S
    ADS / astro-ph

  • Modulation of CMB polarization with a warm rapidly-rotating half-wave plate on the Atacama B-Mode Search (ABS) instrument
    Kusaka, A., et.al., 2014, RScI.., 85b4501K
    ADS / astro-ph

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