Likelihood products from delensing likelihood presented in Han et al. 2020

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Delensed Parameter Shifts Covariance


Parameter Shift Covmatrix

This file includes the parameter shift covariance matrix. The covariance matrix is described in Han et al.

Parameter-shift is defined as the difference in a parameter estimated from lensed spectra and from delensed spectra. The dimension of this matrix is 20x20 for 20 free parameters analyzed in Han et al (6 LCDM parameters + 14 foreground parameters). The covariance is calculated from the best-fit parameters from 300 simulated lensed and delensed spectra on ACTPol DR4 D56 patch.

The parameters are ordered as follows from the first to the last column.

'a_tsz_act', 'a_ksz_act', 'xi_act', 'a_d_act', 
'a_s_act', 'a_c_act', 'a_g_act', 'a_tps_act', 'a_ps_act',
'a_gte_act', 'a_gee_act', 'beta_c_act', 'yp1_act', 'yp2_act'

See the accompanying image file to see what each *_act parameter represents.

Since we calculate the covariance matrix with a finite number of simulations, the estimation of the inverse of the covariance is biased. We correct for this bias using the equation (17) in Hartlap et al (https://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0608064). In particular, throughout Han et al, we multiply the inverse of the parameter shift covariance matrix with a factor of (300-20-2)/(300-1).

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