Cosmic Background Explorer/DIRBE

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Time-Ordered Data


Consider using the Calibrated Individual Observations instead. The TOD product includes calibrated sky brightness values and is the most complete public record of the DIRBE observations. It is necessary to understand the operating modes of the instrument and to recognize various mission events in order to select and interpret the data of interest; thorough familiarity with information contained in the DIRBE Explanatory Supplement is recommended. The contents and format of the TOD product are given in an ASCII file called dirbe_tod_record_structure.asc. The TOD product is not intended for heavy use by the research community, although there may be some applications, such as correlative studies of transient events, for which this product is necessary. The DIRBE TOD - in 41 files each covering one week - are available on tape from the NSSDC. For information, contact the Request Coordination Office.

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