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OVRO-LWA Radio Maps Owens Valley Radio Observatory Long Wavelength Array sky maps at eight frequencies from 36.528 to 73.152 MHz. More... 8 files, 385 MB each
LWA1 Radio Maps Long Wavelength Array first station maps at nine frequencies from 35 to 80 MHz. More...
HI4PI High Velocity HI All-sky maps of the column density and velocity of high velocity HI (Westmeier 2018). More... 8 files < 8.3 MB
All-sky 150 MHz map 150 MHz radio continuum all-sky map of Landecker and Wielebinski (1970). More... 2 files 6.3 MB each
DRAO 22 MHz Map Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory 22 MHz radio continuum map. More...
Rhodes/HartRAO 2326 MHz Continuum Map 2326 MHz radio continuum map covering 67% of the sky (Jonas et al.1998, Platania et al. 2003). More... 2 files 3.2 MB
Parkes 85 MHz Continuum Map 85 MHz radio continuum map covering declination -25° to +25° (Landecker and Wielebinski 1970). More... 1 file 2037 KB
DRAO 10 MHZ map Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory 10 MHz radio continuum map. More... 1 file 0.8 MB
WHAM H-alpha map Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper all-sky velocity-integrated map. More... 1 file 3.1 MB
WISE 12 micron dust map All-sky map of diffuse Galactic 12 micron dust emission (Meisner and Finkbeiner 2014). More...
IRIS Infrared maps from Improved Reprocessing of the IRAS Survey. More... 8 files < 193 MB
AKARI AKARI far infrared all-sky maps. More... 4 files, 770 MB each
CHIPASS CHIPASS 1.4 GHz Continuum Map More... 4 files, < 105 MB
Composite all sky H-alpha (Finkbeiner) Composite all-sky H-alpha map derived from 3 surveys. More... 3 files <= 12 MB each
Model Dust Map (Finkbeiner, Davis & Schlegel) Predicted dust map at 94 GHz. More... 1 file 25 MB
Haslam 408 MHz 408 MHz radio continuum all-sky map of Haslam et al., and 2014 reprocessed data. More... 6 files < 400 MB
Dwingeloo 820 MHz Map Northern sky 820 MHz radio continuum map (Berkhuijsen 1972). More... 1 file 6.3 MB
Effelsberg-Bonn HI Column Density Northern sky N(HI) map from the Effelsberg-Bonn HI survey (Winkel et al. 2016). More... 2 files, < 550 MB each
HI4PI HI Column Density All-sky N(HI) map for gas with |vLSR|< 600 km s-1, constructed from the Effelsberg-Bonn HI Survey and the Galactic All-Sky Survey. More... 1 file, 577 MB
Dickey & Lockman HI Column Density Composite all-sky N(HI) map derived from the Leiden/Dwingeloo survey and supplemented at southern declinations using the compilation of Dickey & Lockman. More... 1 file 25 MB
HI4PI Low and Intermediate Velocity HI All-sky N(HI) map for gas with |vLSR|< 90 km s-1 (Lenz et al 2017). More...
LAB HI Survey HEALPIX resampling of Leiden/Argentine/Bonn (LAB) Survey of Galactic HI (from Kalberla et al., 2005). More... 2 files 25, 138 MB
Velocity-Integrated W(CO)(Dame, Hartmann, Thaddeus 2001) Composite CO brightness temperature map of the Galaxy. More... 1 file 25 MB
IRAS/ISSA Plates IRAS diffuse emission data projected info HEALPix format. More... 4 file 98 MB each
Stockert and Villa-Elisa 1.4 GHz Continuum Map This is an all-sky 1420 MHz (21cm) continuum map formed from surveys of the northern sky with the 25-m Stockert telescope and the southern sky with the 30-m Villa-Elisa telescope. More... 3 files, <= 17 MB
S-PASS Southern sky 2.3 GHz polarization survey made with the Parkes radio telescope (Carretti et al. 2019). More...
Reddening (E(B-V)) Map (Meisner and Finkbeiner 2015) Reddening map derived from Planck and DIRBE/IRAS data. More... 3 files < 193 MB
Maipu and MU Radar 45 MHz Map 45 MHz radio continuum all-sky map of Guzman et al. (2011). More... 1 file, 200 KB
Reddening (E(B-V)) Map (Green et al. 2015) Reddening map derived from Pan-STARRS1 and 2MASS stellar photometry. More... 1 file 1.4 GB
Reddening (E(B-V)) Map (Green et al. 2018) Reddening map derived from Pan-STARRS1 and 2MASS stellar photometry. More...
Reddening (E(B-V)) map (Green et al. 2019) Reddening map derived from PanSTARRS1 and 2MASS stellar photometry and Gaia stellar parallaxes. More... 3 files < 302 MB
Reddening (E(B-V)) Map (Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis) Reddening map derived from IRAS and COBE data. More... 1 file 25 MB
Reddening (E(B-V)) Map(Schlafly et al. 2014) Reddening map derived from Pan-STARRS1 stellar photometry. More... 1 file, 85 MB
Reddening (E(B_V)) Map (Lenz et al. 2017) Reddening map derived from HI4PI data and the SFD 2003 reddening map. More... 2 files, 49 MB each

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AKARI All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogs Catalogs of AKARI infrared point sources. More... 6 files, 401 MB each
WMAP Point Source Catalog Catalog of WMAP point sources. More... 1 file 26 KB

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