Foreground Data


Product Name
Dust Map at 94 GHz (FDS model)
Coord. System
Projection Type
HEALPix, nested, res 9 (Nside=512)
6.1 arcmin
Original Data Source
D. Finkbeiner, D. Schlegel


Finkbeiner, Davis & Schlegel (see 1999 reference below) developed models to predict submillimeter and microwave dust emission, based on fits to data from their earlier 100 micron and 100/240 micron maps (SFD98) and extension to COBE/FIRAS frequencies.

The dust map provided here was constructed using the data and interpolation software distributed by Schlegel & Finkbeiner via their Berkeley mirror website. Specifically, their routine predict_thermal was used to create a prediction for dust emission at 94 GHz using their 2-component model 8. The resultant map in in units of mK, antenna temperature. Note that the data are undersampled at the HEALPix Nside=512 pixelization provided here. Additional products are available from the source websites.

More details can be found in:

" Extrapolation of Galactic Dust Emission at 100 Microns to CMBR Frequencies Using FIRAS",
Finkbeiner, Davis & Schlegel (FDS99), 1999

" Maps of Dust Infrared Emission for Use in Estimation of Reddening and Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Foregrounds",
Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis (SFD98), 1998

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