Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS)
Explanatory Supplement

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  • Thanks to the volunteer help of Scott Chester, with technical help and guidance by Rick Ebert, (most of) the text portion of the IRAS Explanatory Supplement has been put into HTML. This would not have been possible without the text version produced by Cheryl Lague and Rosanne Scholey through scanning the printed Supplement and carefully proofreading it for the ADS project in 1988 and 1989. (The original electronic version was lost to antiquity and through "cut-and-paste!") Please e-mail Tom Chester if you find typos that we have not caught.

    The figures have been integrated into the text at the Astrophysics Data Facility at NASA/GSFC. Scanned versions of the figures were processed by Vivek Dwivedi and were added to the HTML documents by Seth Digel.

    In producing this on-line document, we have taken the opportunity to correct the errors that we know about in the printed version. A complete list of the corrections is available. If you find further errors, please e-mail Tom Chester.

    Because most browsers do not currently support Greek letters except for µ, the other Greek letters have been represented by bitmaps produced by Karen Strom. We thank her for making those bitmaps available. (These symbols are available at the Symbols Bonanza site.)

    The Supplement has been divided into sections of no more than 20 kb, so that each section can be loaded through most connections within 10 seconds. Every section has been made into a separate html file, except for some large sections that had to be split further. Navigation bars at the top and bottom of each section allow easy access to other sections.

    As of 26 June 1997, everything up to and including Chapter IX has been fully placed into html. The main Table of Contents has not been updated to reflect the recent work on Chapter IX, but the Table of Contents for Chapter IX itself has been updated. The text of the remaining chapters has been placed into pseudo-html, but the tables, etc. have not been put into table-format html and thus are not up to the standard of the rest of the document.

    References to other sections and to the literature are hot-linked. Page numbers have been eliminated, but each reference to a page number has been hot-linked to the reference itself. When the index is fully placed into html, clicking on any term that is indexed will take you to the index reference for that term, with hotlinks back to every indexed reference.

    The pages contained in the Explanatory Supplement use some HTML 3 components. If your browser does not support HTML 3 you may not see some of the text correctly. Some equations have been placed into GIF format for better viewing, so we recommend turning images ON in your browser.

    Tom Chester

    Prepared under the auspices of The Joint IRAS Science Working Group

    Scientific and Technical Information Division
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    1988 Washington, DC

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