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Large Optical Galaxies


The "Large Galaxy Catalog" contains IRAS observations of 85 galaxies listed in RC2 with apparent blue light isophotal diameters (D_25) greater than 8'. Surface brightness maps at 12, 25, 60 and 100 microns are given in FITS format for each galaxy. There are only 83 sets of maps because NGC 205 and M 31 are in one field, as are M 81 and M 82. The maps were made using Pointed Observation data when these were available. An estimate of the diffuse zodiacal plus Galactic emission, derived locally, is subtracted in each case. Rice et al. (1988) describe the data processing method, present a table of attributes of the maps (galaxy name, map center coordinates and dimensions, pixel sizes, and noise estimates), and give total galactic flux densities. A separate IPAC Report by Rice and Kopan (1988) serves as a user's guide to the data product.

de Vaucouleurs, G., de Vaucouleurs, A., & Corwin, H. 1976, Second Reference Catalog of Bright Galaxies (Austin: Univ. of Texas Press). (RC2)

Rice, W. L. and Kopan, E. L. 1988, "IRAS Surface Brightness Maps of Large Optical Galaxies," IPAC Report, 15 February 1988.

Rice, W. L., Lonsdale, C. J., Soifer, B. T., Neugebauer, G., Kopan, E. L., Lloyd, L. A., de Jong, T., & Habing, H. J. 1988, ApJS, 68, 91.

Version and release date: 1.0, 1988 Mar

Large Optical Galaxies

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