IRAS Minor Planet Survey Data download

Final Product Formats Database IMPS_FP101.DAT
Albedos and Diameters Database IMPS_FP102.DAT
Singleton Database IMPS_FP103.DAT
Statistics Database IMPS_FP104.DAT
Reject Database IMPS_FP105.DAT
Missed-Predictions Database IMPS_FP106.DAT
Ground-Based Data Database  
part a: physical parameters IMPS_FP107A.DAT
part b: orbital parameters for JD 2445400.5 IMPS_FP107B.DAT
part c: orbital parameters for JD 2445500.5 IMPS_FP107C.DAT
part d: orbital parameters for JD 2445600.5 IMPS_FP107D.DAT
Sightings Database   
part a: positions IMPS_FP108A.DAT
part b: fluxes IMPS_FP108B.DAT
part c: correlations IMPS_FP108C.DAT

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