IRAS Data Products

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Pointed Observations
Description File Name
Catalog of Observations AO_CATALOG.DAT
grids 1-999 00.tar
grids 1000-1999 01.tar
grids 2000-2999 02.tar
grids 3000-3999 03.tar
grids 4000-4999 04.tar
grids 5000-5999 05.tar
grids 6000-6999 06.tar
grids 7000-7999 07.tar
grids 8000-8999 08.tar
grids 9000-9999 09.tar
grids 10000-10999 10.tar
grids 11000-11999 11.tar
grids 12000-12999 12.tar
grids 13000-13999 13.tar
grids 14000-14999 14.tar
grids 15000-15561 15.tar

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