Sky Flux Plates

This data product is a high-resolution presentation of the IRAS hours-confirmed (HCON) sky surveys in image form. It consists of 212 16.5° x 16.5° fields for HCONs 1-3 covering the whole sky with field centers spaced by approximately 15°. An individual image, stored in FITS format, is a 499 x 499 array of 2' x 2' pixels into which the IRAS survey data were mapped. The effective angular resolution is about 4' - 6'. Each image is in a gnomonic (tangent plane) projection.

The Sky Flux Plates have been superseded by the ISSA Atlas and Reject Fields. The processing for the ISSA images included a superior destriping algorithm as well as subtraction of a model for the zodiacal intensity.

Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Catalogs and Atlases, vol. 1, Explanatory Supplement, 1988, ed. C. Beichman, et al., NASA RP-1190 (Washington, DC: GPO)

Version and release date: 1.0, 1984 Nov

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