Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe

The data made available through this page has been updated. The most recent version of this data may be accessed through /product/map/current/

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Bandpass Frequency Response


The frequency response of the two detectors in each of WMAP's twenty radiometers (two per differencing assembly) are provided in this dataset; there is one file per radiometer. Each file contains three columns:

  • The first column contains the frequency in GHz.
  • The second and third columns contain the frequency response for the two detectors comprising the radiometer; these values are in linear Rayleigh-Jeans units that have since been normalized to a maximum of one, so these columns are dimensionless.

In principal the bandpass data for the two detectors should be weighted by their response to a thermal spectrum corresponding to how the WMAP data is calibrated in flight. In practice, weighting this bandpass data based upon the area beneath each response curve should be sufficient.

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