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SPTpol 2019 BB Likelihood


We provide files in a gzipped tarball that can be added to the Jul19 version of CosmoMC to interface with the SPTpol BB bandpowers. These files include the SPTpol likelihood, SPTpol data (bandpowers, covariance matrix, bandpower window functions, and beam error eigenvectors), batch file, and a README with instructions for how to compile CosmoMC with the SPTpol likelihood.

If you have any questions regarding the use of this likelihood, please contact Christian Reichardt (christian_dot_reichardt_at_unimelb_dot_edu_dot_au).

v2.0: Nov 8, 2019 - Previous version had wrong bandpower file (numbers didn't match paper). Thank you to Hua Zhai for noticing this. Also fixed a typo in the ini file pointed out by Pavel Motloch. v1.0: Oct 11, 2019 - Initial version released with arXiv submission.

Additional Details:

  • Information on this page was taken from this SPT site
  • Sayre et al. (2019), "Measurements of B-mode Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background
    from 500 Square Degrees of SPTpol Data”, astro-ph/1910.05748

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