SWAS 6th Release Data

The sixth SWAS public data release consists of a complete set of SWAS data from mission day 0049 (the first day of usable science data) to mission day 1144. Mission day 0001 is defined as November 01, 1998.

The sixth distribution is in two formats: a FITS-format data archive, sorted by target; and a Class-format data archive, also sorted by target. A JPEG-format "5-panel plot" showing a sample grand co-add for the nominal center position (offsets of 0'', 0'' in RA and Dec) of the target, is also available. (For a few targets, a non-zero offset position was used instead since little data currently exists at the nominal center position as listed in the working SWAS source catalog.)

The FITS-format archive contains subdirectories for each target observed by SWAS. For targets with pointings at multiple positions, there is a separate FITS file for each position. The individual FITS files represent the grand co-add of all spectra for each line taken at that position.

For the sixth public release, the following targets have been observed by SWAS for the first time:

Target Name Target Name Target Name Target Name Target Name Target Name
b213-7_hi be_cet bo_mic c_lineara2
c_linearwm1 cb37_hi
cb45_hi cephb fomalhaut g294.5-1.6
g301.1-0.2 g336.5-1.5 g34.3+0.1 g59.78+0.06 gsh139-arc1 hd_172555
hh211-mm ivc135.6 l1152 l1495_hi l1498_hi l1506-b_hi
l1507-2_hi l1512_hi l1517b-2_hi l1517b_hi l1523_hi l1524-1_hi
l1524-2_hi l1527a-1_hi l1534_hi l1535_hi l1536-1_hi l1536-2_hi
l1544 l1544_hi l1551_isob2 l1574_hi l1578-2_hi l1582a_hi
l1621-1_hi l1622a_hi l1633_hi ngc6946-120 ngc7129 ngc7129-30
ngc7538irs1 re1816+541 s125irs1 s156a tmc1cp_hi tmc2-3_hi
vega wx_psc        

The following targets have additional data available in the sixth public release:

Target Name Target Name Target Name Target Name Target Name Target Name
afgl3068 betapic cit_6-60 dr21 epseridani g10.6-0.4-no1
g265.1+1.5 g333.1-0.4 helix ic5146-30 ir20126-30 ivc135.5
m101-mf83 m101-mf83-30 mars monr2 n2264sc-s ngc3576
omc-1 rcra rho_oph_a rx_boo rz_sgr s134
w3 w49 w49-no1 w_hya    

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