High Resolution Microwave Full Sky Simulations

Here are realistic, full-sky, half-arcminute resolution simulations of the microwave sky matched to the most recent astrophysical observations. The primary purpose of these simulations is to test the data reduction pipeline for the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) experiment; however, the frequency coverage has been widened beyond the ACT bands and the maps utilize the easily accessible HEALPix format to make these simulations applicable to other current and near future microwave background experiments.

Some of the novel features of these simulations are that the radio and infrared galaxy populations are correlated with the galaxy cluster and group populations, the primordial microwave background is lensed by the dark matter structure in the simulation via a ray-tracing code, the contribution to the thermal and kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) signals from galaxy clusters, groups, and the intergalactic medium has been included, and the gas prescription to model the SZ signals has been refined to match the most recent X-ray observations.

The cosmology adopted in these simulations is also consistent with the WMAP 5-year parameter measurements. These simulations should serve as a useful tool for microwave surveys to cross-check SZ cluster detection, power spectrum, and cross-correlation analyses.

For a full discussion see Sehgal et al. (2009). Any questions may be sent to sehgal@slac.standford.edu

Sky Maps
Map Type Frequency [GHz]
30 90 148 219 277 350 All
Unlensed CMB Unlensed CMB  30GHz Sky Map Unlensed CMB  90GHz Sky Map Unlensed CMB 148GHz Sky Map Unlensed CMB 219GHz Sky Map Unlensed CMB 277GHz Sky Map Unlensed CMB 350GHz Sky Map All Unlensed CMB Sky Maps
Lensed CMB Lensed CMB  30GHz Sky Map Lensed CMB  90GHz Sky Map Lensed CMB 148GHz Sky Map Lensed CMB 219GHz Sky Map Lensed CMB 277GHz Sky Map Lensed CMB 350GHz Sky Map All Lensed CMB Sky Maps
Thermal SZ Thermal SZ  30GHz Sky Map Thermal SZ  90GHz Sky Map Thermal SZ 148GHz Sky Map Thermal SZ 219GHz Sky Map Thermal SZ 277GHz Sky Map Thermal SZ 350GHz Sky Map All Thermal SZ Sky Maps
Kinetic SZ Kinetic SZ  30GHz Sky Map Kinetic SZ  90GHz Sky Map Kinetic SZ 148GHz Sky Map Kinetic SZ 219GHz Sky Map Kinetic SZ 277GHz Sky Map Kinetic SZ 350GHz Sky Map All Kinetic SZ Sky Maps
Full SZ Full SZ  30GHz Sky Map Full SZ  90GHz Sky Map Full SZ 148GHz Sky Map Full SZ 219GHz Sky Map Full SZ 277GHz Sky Map Full SZ 350GHz Sky Map All Full SZ Sky Maps
Radio Galaxies Radio Galaxies  30GHz Sky Map Radio Galaxies  90GHz Sky Map Radio Galaxies 148GHz Sky Map Radio Galaxies 219GHz Sky Map Radio Galaxies 277GHz Sky Map Radio Galaxies 350GHz Sky Map All Radio Galaxies Sky Maps
Infrared Galaxies Infrared Galaxies  30GHz Sky Map Infrared Galaxies  90GHz Sky Map Infrared Galaxies 148GHz Sky Map Infrared Galaxies 219GHz Sky Map Infrared Galaxies 277GHz Sky Map Infrared Galaxies 350GHz Sky Map All Infrared Galaxies Sky Maps
Galactic Dust Dust  30GHz Sky Map Dust  90GHz Sky Map Dust 148GHz Sky Map Dust 219GHz Sky Map Dust 277GHz Sky Map Dust 350GHz Sky Map All Dust Sky Maps
Combined Sky Map Combined  30GHz Sky Map Combined  90GHz Sky Map Combined 148GHz Sky Map Combined 219GHz Sky Map Combined 277GHz Sky Map Combined 350GHz Sky Map All Combined Sky Maps
All All  30GHz Sky Maps All  90GHz Sky Maps All 148GHz Sky Maps All 219GHz Sky Maps All 277GHz Sky Maps All 350GHz Sky Maps All Sky Maps

Please note that these links point directly at binary files; you should right click on the links and select the "Save link as" option. Each green dot represents a single map for the corresponding data type/frequency pair; each map is 3GB in size. The blue squares point to compressed tarballs containing all the maps in the corresponding column or row; the blue dot in the lower right corner points to a tarball containing all the maps. More information...

Catalog Description
Low-Mass Halo (ascii) Basic halo properties of halos with Mfof > 6.82 x 10^12 Msun/h and with Mfof < 2 x 10^13 Msun/h. More information...
Low-Mass Halo Same as above in binary. More information...
N-Body Halo (ascii) Basic halo properties of halos with Mfof > 2 x 10^13 Msun/h. More information...
N-Body Halo Same as above in binary. More information...
SZ Halo (ascii) Halo properties, including SZ characteristics, for all the halos with Mfof > 2 x 10^13 Msun/h. More information...
SZ Halo Same as above in binary. More information...
IR Galaxies Catalog of the basic population of infrared galaxies. More information...
High-Flux IR Galaxies Catalog of the very high flux infrared galaxies. More information...
Radio Galaxies Catalog of the radio galaxies. More information...
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