Time Conversions

Enter the time you would like converted and specify its format from the pull-down menu. Clicking the compute button will return the specified time in all the supported formats.

Format Descriptions

American Date Format This is the standard American date format "MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss" where:
MMThe numerical month
DDThe day of the month
YYYYThe year
hhThe hour
mmThe minute
ssThe second
GMT String The date is represented in the string "YYYYDDDhhmmsscccc000" where:
YYYYThe year
DDDThe day of the year
hhThe hour
mmThe minute
ssThe second
ccccThe fractional second in tenths of a millsecond
000Padding out to 20 characters
Julian Day The standard Julian day.
Reduced Julian Day The standard Reduced Julian day: JD - 2400000
MAP Reduced Julian Day MAP telemetry times are given to the tenth of a millisecond (tms). During early software development, timing errors were discovered that implied that the standard Reduced Julian Day format didn't have enough precision to keep consistent time at tms level. To gain enough precision, the MAP team implemented its own definition of Reduced Julian Day: JD - 2450000
MAP TOD Timestamp Time in the MAP Time-Ordered Data (TOD) archive are stored on disk in a six byte format as Mission Elapsed Time (time since the MAP launch; '20011810000000000000' is used). The first two bytes are the integer days since the reference date while the last four bytes are the fractional day measured as an integer in tenths of a millisecond.
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