WebSky Extragalactic CMB Mocks

Provided are HEALPix.fits files over the full sky at nside=4096 of CIB (in MJy/sr) intensity, Compton-y, kSZ (mu K), CMB lensing convergence, and lensed and un-lensed CMB TT, EE, and BB maps, all from the same 122883 particle, 15.4 Gpc peak-patch and 2LPT based cosmological simulation, as well as the light cone halo catalog itself. The minimum halo mass used was ~1.4e12 M200,M. Higher resolution maps and different frequencies are available upon request. For a full description of the contents of these maps see The Websky Extragalactic CMB Simulations - https://arxiv.org/abs/2001.08787. Please contact webskymocks@gmail.com for more details..

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WebSky Extragalactic CMB Mocks
File Name File Size Delivery Date
README.txt 2 KB 2020-04-14
UPDATES.txt 3 KB 2020-04-14
cib_nu0143.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
cib_nu0217.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
cib_nu0353.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
cib_nu0545.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
cib_nu0857.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
cosmology.py 389 bytes 2020-04-14
halo_mass_completion.txt 4 KB 2020-04-14
halos-light.pksc 14 GB 2020-04-14
halos.pksc 34 GB 2020-04-14
isw.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
kap.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
kap_gt4.5.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
kap_lt4.5.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
ksz.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
ksz_patchy.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
kszcomp.pdf 202 KB 2020-04-14
lensed_alm.fits 2 GB 2020-04-14
readhalos.py 1 KB 2020-04-14
tsz.fits 805 MB 2020-04-14
unlensed_alm.fits 2 GB 2020-04-14

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