CMB Tools

We provide links to a number of useful tools for CMB and Astronomy in general. Use these tools at your own risk; LAMBDA has not tested them and therefore can assume no responsibility for problems arising from their use.


Likelihood Software

Parameter Estimation

  • CosmoHammer - Framework to do cosmological parameter estimation with emcee. Akeret and Seehars
  • CosmoMC - A Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo engine for exploring cosmological parameter space. Incorporates CAMB. Written in Fortran 2008. Lewis and Bridle
  • CosmoSIS - A modular framework for cosmological parameter fitting and forecasting, written in C++ and Python. Zuntz et al
  • Monte Python - A Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo engine for exploring cosmological parameter space. Incorporates CLASS. Written in Python. Audren
  • Emcee - A pure Python implementation of Goodman and Weare's affine invariant Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) ensemble sampler. Foreman-Mackey

CMB Tools

  • CAMB - Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background. Fortran 90 anisotropy code. LAMBDA provides a web-based interface for this tool. Lewis and Challinor
  • CLASS - Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System. C anisotropy code. Lesgourgues
  • CMBACT - Calculates the cmb power spectrum from active sources such as cosmic strings. Pogosian
  • CosmoRec - A code to solve the recombination problem. Similar to RECFAST and HyRec. Chluba
  • CosmoSpec - A fast calculation of the cosmological recombination radiation. Chluba
  • CosmoTherm - The cosmological thermalization code. Chluba
  • HEALPix - A spherical sky pixelization standard. Górski et al.
  • HEALPy - A Python wrapper for HEALPix. Maintained separately from HEALPix. Rosset, Zonca, Reinecke, and Singer
  • HyRec - A code to solve the recombination problem. Similar to RECFAST and CosmoRec. Ali-Haimoud and Hirata
  • NaMaster - Pseudo-Cl code for full-sky and flat-sky angular cross-power spectra calculations for spin-0 and spin-2 fields, including masking, E/B-mode purification, and an arbitrary number of known contaminants. Code in C and python. Alonso, Sanchez, and Slosar
  • PICO - Integrates with CAMB and/or CosmoMC for cosmological parameter estimation using machine learning. Wandelt and Fendt
  • PolSpice - A version of Spatially Inhomogenous Correlation Estimator with polarization support added. Challinor, Chon, Colombi, Hivon, Prunet, and Szapudi
  • Python Sky Model - Software for simulating the Galactic microwave sky
  • RECFAST - Software to calculate the recombination history of the Universe. Seager, Sasselov, and Scott
  • SZPack - A High precision computation of the SZ effect. Chluba
  • Hammurabi - C++ code for simulating polarized Galactic synchrotron emission. Waelkens, Jaffe, Reinecke, Kitaura, and Enßlin
  • Component Separation -- List of component separation techniques, only a few with public code. Various authors.

General Cosmology Tools

  • AlterBBN - C code which computes the abundances of the elements predicted by Big Bang nucleosynthesis (BBN). Arbey
  • AstroPy - A community effort to develop a single core package for Astronomy in Python. Astropy Collaboration
  • CFITSIO - A library of C and Fortran routines for reading and writing data in the FITS format.
  • CosmoloPy - A cosmology package for Python. Kramer
  • Cosmology Routine Library - A set of Fortran routines that are useful for computing various quantities in cosmology. Komatsu
  • IDL Astro - The IDL Astronomy Users Library.
  • Log-Normal Galaxies - Codes for generating log-normal realizations of galaxies in redshift space, and computing the monopole, quadrupole, and hexadecapole power spectra. Agrawal, Makiya, Chiang, Jeong, Saito, and Komatsu, ADS
  • PArthENoPE - Public Algorithm Evaluating the Nucleosynthesis of Primordial Elements. Fortran77 code which computes the abundances of elements predicted by BBN. Pisanti
  • Conversion Utilities - A small collection of astronomical conversion utilities.
  • Calculators - A list of links to calculators.

Educational Resources

LAMBDA collects educational materials from instructors willing to share their cosmology-related tools and student labs with the community at large. If you have something you would like to contribute, please contact us!


  • CMBEASY - C++ anisotropy code implementation by Edoardo Carlesi. Contains a parameter likelihood package. Based on the work of Michael Doran, Astro-ph / Astro-ph
  • CMBFast - Fortran anisotropy code. This tool is not being actively developed and is no longer avaiable for download; see CAMB instead. Seljak and Zaldarriaga
  • CMBview - A Mac OS X program for viewing HEALPix-format CMB data on an OpenGL-rendered sphere. Portsmouth
  • CosmoNet - Accelerated cosmological parameter estimation using Neural Networks. Auld, Bridges, and Hobson
  • GLESP - Gauss-Legendre sky pixelization package. Doroshkevich, et al.
  • GSM - Predicted all-sky maps at any frequency from 10 MHz to 100 GHz. de Oliveira-Costa.
  • IGLOO - A sky pixelization package. Crittenden and Turok
  • SpiCE - Spatially Inhomogenous Correlation Estimator. Szapudi et al.

This collection of tools can only be extended and improved with your input! Please feel free to send us suggestions and comments.

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