Conversion Utilities

LAMBDA provides a small collection of conversion utilities:

  • Astronomical Coordinates Converter - This tool transforms a set of input coordinates into the following coordinate systems:
    • Celestial
    • Ecliptic
    • Galactic
    • Super Galactic
    • HEALPix pixel number
    The input coordinates may be in Celestial, Ecliptic, Galactic, or Super Galactic coordinate systems.
  • Astronomical Time Converter - This tool transforms a time specification into the following formats:
    • GMT in the American Date Format
    • GMT String
    • Julian Day
    • Reduced Julian Day
    • MAP Reduced Julian Day
    • MAP Time-Ordered Data Timestamp
    The input time may be in any of these formats. See the converter for descriptions of the different formats.
  • HEALPix Pixel Coordinates - A collection of 'skymaps' containing the sky coordinates of each pixel. Galactic, Ecliptic, and Celestial coordinates are supplied for both HEALPix pixel ordering scheme at several resolutions.

We hope you find these utilities useful and would welcome suggestions for improvements and for other utilities.

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