Educational Resources

LAMBDA collects educational materials from instructors willing to share with the community at large. If you have something you would like to contribute, please contact us!

Some of these resources make use of LAMBDA's online CAMB interface to generate simulated power spectra and maps from a set of cosmological parameters.

  • Class assignments contributed by Dr. Jodi Christiansen, California Polytechnic State University
    • Computing the Expansion History of the Universe: PDF
    • Exploring the Cosmic Microwave Background with CAMB: PDF, MS Word 2007
  • Labs and Simulations contributed by Dr. Daniel M Smith Jr., South Carolina State University
    • LABS are a combination of PDF files and simulations that require Mathmatica or the Mathmatica Player.
    • SIMULATIONS are animated GIF or require the Free Wolfram CDF Player

  • Contributed by the WMAP Collaboration

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