Overview of CAMB

The Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background [CAMB] is a Fortran 90 application that computes cosmic microwave background (CMB) spectra given a set of input cosmological parameters. The package was written by Antony Lewis and Anthony Challinor and may be downloaded from http://camb.info/. It is based on CMBFAST by U. Seljak and M. Zaldarriaga.

CAMB Online
We have developed a web-based server-side interface to CAMB that allows users to enter parameters in a web form and run the program on our server. The results are displayed graphically and the spectrum files are made available for downloading. Most of the configuration documentation is provided in the sample parameter file provided with the application.

The HEALPix synfast application has been linked into the online tool so that simulated sky maps may be generated using the spectra produced by the CAMB run.

The forms and scripts for this web interface are available in the file camb_interface.tar.gz. A description of this tarball is provided in its Readme.txt file.

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