LRG DR7 Likelihood Software

Beth A. Reid

This software release computes likelihoods for the Luminous Red Galaxies (LRG) data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The software release consists of two components:

  • The first consists of a patch to the existing CAMB software (the February 2009 release) to calculate the theoretical LRG halo power spectrum for various models. This patch requires:
    The readme file in the CAMBfeb09patch area lists all the changes for those users that would like to apply the patch to their own CAMB implementations.
  • The second component is a stand-alone program that reads in the output from the CAMB patch described above and returns the LRG likelihood. This software is written in Fortran 90 and has been tested with the Intel Fortran 90 and GFortran compilers.

A single tarball lrgdr7like.tar.gz is supplied containing:

  • A CAMBfeb09patch directory containing the modified files from the CAMB software (February 2009 release), example parameter files, and a modified CAMB makefile.
  • A data directory for the measured power spectrum, covariance matrix, and window functions.
  • A models directory containing the CAMB output files for your model to be tested against.
  • The getlrgdr7like software and Makefile.

To compute the LRG likelihood, make CAMB with the patch as explained in CAMBfeb09patch/README_BR09. Modify params.ini output_root keyword to point to
Then execute the following command, assuming a Linux environment:
> ./camb params.ini

In the lrgdr7like directory, edit the Makefile for your environment and execute the commands:
> ./make all
> ./getlrgdr7like

The result should be 23.7009754180908. Output differences of 0.001 between platforms are normal.


  • Cosmological Constraints from the Clustering of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey DR7 Luminous Red Galaxies, Reid, B.A.,, submitted to MNRAS,

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