Simulated 353 GHz Dust Polarization Maps from TIGRESS

Full-sky, HEALPix Nside=128 synthetic dust thermal emission maps in Stokes I, Q, and U from Kim, Choi, and Flauger (2019), computed at 350 time-steps for each of 9 observer positions in the solar neighborhood. Models are generated by numerical simulations that employ a multiphase, turbulent, magnetized interstellar medium (using the Athena MHD code, Stone et al. 2008, and the TIGRESS (Three-phase Interstellar Medium in Galaxies Resolving Evolution with Star Formation and Supernova Feedback) framework, Kim and Ostriker 2017).

The data are available as FITS format maps in a separate tar file for each observer. Each tar file contains the 350 individual time step realizations for that observer. The CMB (or HEALPix) coordinate convention for polarization is used. The original source of the data is

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Simulated 353 GHz Dust Polarization Maps from TIGRESS
Description File Info File Name Delivery Date
Observer 1 829 MB allsky_x0y0z0.tar 2019-06-12
Observer 2 829 MB allsky_x-256y0z0.tar 2019-06-12
Observer 3 829 MB allsky_x256y0z0.tar 2019-06-12
Observer 4 829 MB allsky_x0y-256z0.tar 2019-06-12
Observer 5 829 MB allsky_x-256y-256z0.tar 2019-06-12
Observer 6 829 MB allsky_x256y-256z0.tar 2019-06-12
Observer 7 829 MB allsky_x0y256z0.tar 2019-06-12
Observer 8 829 MB allsky_x-256y256z0.tar 2019-06-12
Observer 9 829 MB allsky_x256y256z0.tar 2019-06-12

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