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Products Derived from a Combination of QMAP and Saskatoon (SK) Data
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Raw Map
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The raw sky map obtained by combining data from the QMAP and Saskatoon experiments. More...
2 files 444 KB & 1.21 MB
Noise Covariance Matrix
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The gzipped file contains the noise covariance matrix, stored in the lower-triangular form. The Fortran code qmask_demo.f reads the covariance matrix and explains the format in which it is stored. The 5th column in the raw sky map file gives the square root of the diagonal elements of the covariance matrix. More...
1 file 250 MB
Wiener Filtered Map
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The same map as above processed with a Wiener filter for visual inspection. The data file contains one column: the filtered map in the same pixel order as the raw map, in units of uK.
1 file 114 KB
Power Spectrum
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The band power spectrum, [l(l+1)C_l /2pi], obtained from the QMASK map, in units of uK2. The tabulated errors are uncorrelated between the six measurements. They do NOT include an overall calibration uncertainty of 10%, in amplitude. It is recommended that only the first four values be used for cosmological analyses. The window functions for the six band powers are provided in a separate file.
2 files <2 KB each

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