Foregrounds: Sunyaev-Zeldovich Cluster Data

The product tables below include observations from ACT, Planck and SPT, predictions of SZ power spectra and bispectra, and simulations of sky maps and SZ halo properties. Additional useful links may be found at the bottom of the page.

Observed SZ Data Products
Name Description
Co-detected ACT & MaDCoWS Cluster Catalog SZ measurements from Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) Data Release 5 maps using cluster positions from the Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey (MaDCoWS). The ACT data are used to characterize the relationship between SZ mass and richness, as described by Orlowski-Scherer et al. (2021). Questions about this catalog please contact: Jack Orlowski-Scherer
ACTPol DR4 tSZ Maps Maps of the thermal SZ effect covering ~2100 square degrees at 1.6 arcminute resolution, from an internal linear component analysis applied to ACTPol 2014-2015 data and Planck 2015 release data (Madhavacheril et al. 2019).
ACTPol DR5 Cluster Catalogs ACT DR5 SZ galaxy cluster catalogs from Hilton et al. (2020). Products include the main cluster catalog, a second catalog of cluster pairs and potential superclusters, and a survey mask file containing the cluster search area.
ACTPol SZ Cluster Catalog A catalog of 182 galaxy clusters detected through the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in a contiguous 987.5 deg2 field.
ACT 2008 SZ Clusters Catalog of 23 galaxy clusters detected by the Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) effect in 455 square degrees of sky surveyed by ACT during 2008 at 148 GHz. The catalog gives the cluster names, positions, redshifts, signal-to-noise, and measured SZ signal. SZ and optical images of each cluster are also included.
An Extension of the Planck Cluster Catalog (Burenin 2017)
A catalog of about 3000 galaxy clusters detected in the Planck all-sky Compton parameter maps and identified using data from the WISE and SDSS surveys.
Planck Release 2 SZ Catalog
The all-sky Planck catalog of Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) sources detected from the 29 month full-mission data.
Planck Release 1 SZ Catalog
The all-sky Planck catalog of Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) sources detected from the first 15.5 months of data.
Planck Early Release SZ Catalog The all-sky Planck catalog of Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) sources detected from the first all sky coverage by Planck, i.e., using observations obtained from 12 August 2009 to 6 June 2010.
SPTpol Extended Cluster Survey Catalog A catalog of galaxy clusters detected in the 2770 square degree SPTpol Extended Cluster Survey (SPT-ECS), described by Bleem et al. (2020), ADS
SPTpol 100d Cluster Catalog A catalog of galaxy cluster candidates detected in 100 square degrees surveyed with the SPTpol receiver on the South Pole Telescope, Huang et al. 2019.
IAS/IDOC SZ Cluster Database
Provides access to catalogues and complementary information on 2690 clusters of galaxies observed through the Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) effect. A metacatalogue containing Planck, ACT, SPT, Carma, and AMI observations can be queried and the Planck y-map, WISE image, WISE density map and ROSAT map can be visualized for each cluster.
SZ Cluster Catalogs The 2019 SZ selected catalog of galaxy cluster candidates from the 2500-square-degree SPT-SZ survey, and previous SPT SZ cluster catalogs.
SPT 2012 Cluster Likelihood Code The requisite instructions and files for adding the SPT_CL likelihood to the October 2012 version of cosmomc.
SPT Binned Bispectrum Measurements These files contain the bispectrum measurements and associated covariance matrices (statistical only) at 95, 150, and 220 GHz from 2008+2009 observations.
Predicted SZ Data Products
Name Description
ACT SZ Templates The angular power spectra due to the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect as predicted by four different models (named TBO-1, TBO-2, Battaglia, Shaw) are supplied for the 148 GHZ ACT frequency.
SPT Thermal SZ Bispectrum Templates These files contain the predicted thermal SZ bispectrum for three different levels of cluster cuts (no clusters cut, clusters above M200(rho_crit)=8e14 Msun/h cut, and clusters above M200 (rho_crit)=3e14 Msun/h cut).
WMAP Predicted SZ Power Spectra The angular power spectra due to the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect, as adapted from Battaglia, et al., (2012). Spectra for three frequencies are provided.
Simulated SZ Data Products
Name Description
Sky Maps, Simons Observatory Forecasts
27 GHz to 353 GHz 2019
Realistic, full-sky, HEALPix Nside=4096 (~1 arcmin) resolution simulations of the microwave sky. Modeled components include CMB, SZ, compact sources and diffuse Galactic emission. This is an update to the Sehgal et al. 2010 release and includes Simons Observatory forecasts. Simons Observatory Collaboration (2019)
Sky Maps
Seghal et al. (2010)
Realistic, full-sky, half-arcminute resolution simulations from Seghal et al. (2010) including maps of infared galaxies and radio galaxies at 6 frequencies from 30 to 350 GHz.
SZ Halo Catalog Halo properties, including SZ characteristics, from the simulations of Seghal et al. (2010) for all the halos with Mfof > 2 x 1013 Msun/h.

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