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All About Ballooning
Real Time GPS Data
National Scientific Balloon Facility
Lift Off to Space Exploration
The Web Infrared Tool Shed!
Imagine the Universe
Infrared Astronomy
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NASA's Scientific Ballooning Program

Antarctica Links

Staying at McMurdo Station
McMurdo Weather Forecast
Underwater Field Guide to McMurdo Sound and Ross Island, Antarctica
Icy Continent Mapped from Space with RADARSAT
Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica

Related Sites

  • Introduction to cosmology.
  • Introduction to CMBR physics.
  • Check out the new, improved version of HEALPix (Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelisation of the sphere). This routine pixelates the maps that will be made by TopHat. It facilitate fast and accurate statistical and astrophysical analysis of full-sky data sets.
  • IPAC - Infrared Processing and Analysis Center