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Any ambitious program requires the creativity and dedication of a large group of diverse professionals, and this one is no exception. Whether your interest is scientific, hardware, software, data analysis, or some unique combination, we may have the perfect place for you to express your talent. If you feel a strong interest in contributing to this innovative project, you should contact us and discuss it! Feel free to use the comment forms at this site to get in touch.

In addition to direct employment at one of the partner institutions for the project, there are also a number of programs that you may find useful.

At the undergraduate and student level, GSFC sponsors a summer intern program that lets you 'strut your stuff' to see if you want to make a longer term commitment. This is the perfect way to get your feet wet in a flight project.

As a graduate student, you may be an ideal candidate for the Graduate Student Research Program. This program provides the opportunity for promising graduate students to become intimately involved in a NASA research and development program.

As a post-doctoral researcher, the National Research Council/Research Associateship program provides support for outstanding young scientists working with a NASA project. In some cases, this program may be useful to more senior researchers.

Please check out the NASA/GSFC University Programs homepage for more information (

To discuss opportunities at GSFC, feel free to contact Bob Silverberg ( At the University of Chicago, please contact Steve Meyer ( At the University of Wisconsin/Madison, please contact Peter Timbie (