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Warehouse Storage Items
TopHat in Antarctica

The following items are in temporary storage in the GSFC Laurel Warehouse. To retrieve them contact, Ed Cheng or Bob Silverberg, and they will arrange it through Lindy Bingham at extension 6-9640 or Gary King at 301-498-4823.


Name: TopHat Pointer Light Shield
Description: This is the spare Pointer light shield. It has been floating around. It's been dinged up a bit, but still functional.

Storage Request Number: 102101


Name: Mirror Alignment Block
Description: This is the hardware that was used to align the TopHat Spinner secondary mirror before flight.

Storage Request Number: 102102


Name: Gondola and Wheels
Description: This is the top part of the gondola for item 101538. The side tubes are still missing. The wheels were used in Antarctica.

Storage Request Number: 102103


Name: 4' Mirror and Stand
Description:This is the "gimmecap" mirror with some associated mechanical mounting structure.

Storage Request Number: 102104

Science Pointer

Name: TopHat Science Pointer
Description: This is the science TopHat Pointer package that was never completed. It has improved mechanical layout (over the ETP), and a real primary mirror from DSRI. We had just started wiring when we stopped working on it and concentrated on the Spinner.

Storage Request Number: 101531
Storage Location: DRE3A

TopHat Pointer EPT TopHat Pointer EPT
TopHat Pointer EPT TopHat Pointer EPT

Name: TopHat Pointer ETP
Description: This is the Engineering Test Package for the TopHat Pointer that we did not fly. A good set of electronics and motors/attitude sensors. No optics nor chopper.

Storage Request Number: 101530
Storage Location: DB26E

TopHat Space Bottom Gondola

Name: TopHat Spare Bottom Gondola
Description: This is the spare bottom gondola bottom. The tubing that makes up the structure and the top do not appear to be at the warehouse. There is a nice honeycomb plate on which battery boxes and the HEIDI electronics canister are mounted. This device never flew. It was intended for the TopHat Pointer ETP. The top gondola structure was subsequently found and stored as item 102103. The side tubes are still missing.

Storage Request Number: 101538
Storage Location: DB26E

MSAM Gondola MSAM Gondola

Name: MSAM Gondola
Description: This is the gondola for MSAM1 and MSAM2, complete with most flight motors and electronics.

Storage Request Number: 101765
Storage Location: DB26D

Aluminum Skin Monster Dewar Shell

Name: Roll of Aluminum Skin
Description: This is the material from which the TopHat Spinner light shields were made.

Storage Request Number: 101533
Storage Location: DRG9A


Name: Monster Dewar Shell
Description: This is the spare monster dewar shell. It has no insides, but the A-frame and shell are twins of those on the real thing. This is also where the quartz windows are.

Storage Request Number: 101537
Storage Location: DRE3A