FITS Headers


Primary Header

SIMPLE  =                    T / file does conform to FITS standard             
BITPIX  =                   32 / number of bits per data pixel                  
NAXIS   =                    0 / number of data axes                            
EXTEND  =                    T / FITS dataset may contain extensions            
COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format defined in Astronomy and
COMMENT   Astrophysics Supplement Series v44/p363, v44/p371, v73/p359, v73/p365.
COMMENT   Contact the NASA Science Office of Standards and Technology for the   
COMMENT   FITS Definition document #100 and other FITS information.             
DATE    = '09/04/97'           / FITS file creation date (dd/mm/yy)             
DATE-MAP= '04/04/96'           / Date of original file creation (dd/mm/yy)      
ORIGIN  = 'CDAC    '           / Cosmology Data Analysis Center                 
TELESCOP= 'COBE    '           / Cosmic Background Explorer satellite           
INSTRUME= 'DIRBE   '           / COBE instrument [DIRBE, DMR, FIRAS]            
OBJECT  = 'FACE2   '           / part of sky given [e.g., ALL-SKY, WEEKLY-SKY,  
COMMENT                        /         DAILY-SKY, GAL-SLICE, FACE ...]        
EQUINOX =               2000.0 / equinox of coords in following tables          
REFERENC= 'COBE/DIRBE Explanatory Supplement,' /                                
REFERENC= 'ed. M.G. Hauser, T. Kelsall, D. Leisawitz, and J. Weiland,' /        
REFERENC= 'COBE Ref. Pub. No. 97-A (Greenbelt,MD: NASA/GSFC),' /                
REFERENC= 'available in electronic form from the NSSDC.' /                      
COMMENT     COBE specific keywords                                              
DATE-BEG= '11/12/89'           / date of initial data represented (dd/mm/yy)    
DATE-END= '21/09/90'           / date of final data represented   (dd/mm/yy)    
PIXRESOL=                    9 / Quad tree pixel resolution [6, 9]              
COMMENT     DIRBE specific keywords                                             
PRODUCT = 'DCAFINDEX_F2'       / Pixel Index file for DCAF, Face 2              
VERSION = 'Pass 3B '           / Version of Data Reduction Software             

Extension Header 2

XTENSION= 'BINTABLE'           / Extension type is Binary Table                 
BITPIX  =                    8 / Binary data                                    
NAXIS   =                    2 / Data are in a table                            
NAXIS1  =                   14 / Number of 8 bit bytes in each row              
NAXIS2  =                65536 / Number of rows                                 
PCOUNT  =                    0 / Number of bytes of data following table        
GCOUNT  =                    1 / Group count (always 1 for bintable extensions) 
TFIELDS =                    3 / Number of fields (columns) in the table        
COMMENT   -------------------------------------------------------------------   
COMMENT   *******************************************************************   
COMMENT          DIRBE Calibrated Annual File, Face 2 : Pixel Index             
COMMENT          This is the companion pixel index to the DIRBE                 
COMMENT          Calibrated Annual File (DCAF) for Face 2 of the COBE           
COMMENT          Quadrilateralized Spherical Cube: i.e., the index to DCAF      
COMMENT          data tabulated for DIRBE pixel numbers 131072 - 196607.        
COMMENT          The pixel index is intended to simplify and expedite data      
COMMENT          retrieval for a user-selected subset of pixels in the          
COMMENT          DCAF.  There is one row in the index table for each DIRBE      
COMMENT          pixel (resolution 9) on the cube face.  Pixels are listed      
COMMENT          in ascending order.  For each pixel, the pixel index           
COMMENT          table gives the number of the LAST row within the              
COMMENT          corresponding DCAF table which contains observations for       
COMMENT          that pixel, and specifies which mission weeks contain          
COMMENT          observations for that pixel.                                   
COMMENT   *******************************************************************   
COMMENT   -------------------------------------------------------------------   
COMMENT   ===================================================================   
COMMENT   Coordinate Information (Spatial):                                     
COMMENT   ===================================================================   
COMMENT   -------------------------------------------------------------------   
COMMENT       DIRBE Pixel number (resolution 9)                                 
TTYPE1  = 'Pixel_no'           / pipeline fieldname = Pixel_no                  
TUNIT1  = '        '           /                                                
TFORM1  = '1J      '           /                                                
COMMENT   --------------------------------------------------------------------- 
COMMENT   ===================================================================   
COMMENT   Pixel Indexing Information:                                           
COMMENT   ===================================================================   
COMMENT   -------------------------------------------------------------------   
COMMENT        Number of the last row within the corresponding DCAF             
COMMENT         binary table which contains information for this pixel number.  
COMMENT        Row numbers are counted starting at 1.                           
TTYPE2  = 'LastRow '           /  pipeline fieldname = last_data_record         
TUNIT2  = '        '           /                                                
TFORM2  = '1J      '           /                                                
COMMENT   --------------------------------------------------------------------  
COMMENT        Mission week numbers for which data are available on this        
COMMENT        pixel. Stored as a 6 byte (48 bit) vector, where each bit        
COMMENT        corresponds to a specific week number in the mission.            
COMMENT        Bit numbers start with 0 as the LSB in byte 1, 8 as the          
COMMENT        LSB in byte 2, etc., and are related to mission week             
COMMENT        numbers as follows:                                              
COMMENT           Week number = bit number + 4                                  
COMMENT        Thus, for example, if the LSB in byte 3 is set to 1, then        
COMMENT        data are available for mission week 20.  Week numbers range      
COMMENT        from 4 to 44.  A list of week numbers and their corresponding    
COMMENT        times is provided in the Explanatory Supplement.                 
TTYPE3  = 'WksObs  '           /  pipeline fieldname = weeks_observed           
TUNIT3  = '        '           /                                                
TFORM3  = '6B      '           /                                                
TDIM3   = '(6)     '           /                                                
COMMENT   --------------------------------------------------------------------  

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