FITS Headers


Primary Header

SIMPLE  =                    T / file does conform to FITS standard             
BITPIX  =                   32 / number of bits per data pixel                  
NAXIS   =                    0 / number of data axes                            
EXTEND  =                    T / FITS dataset may contain extensions            
COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format defined in Astronomy and
COMMENT   Astrophysics Supplement Series v44/p363, v44/p371, v73/p359, v73/p365.
COMMENT   Contact the NASA Science Office of Standards and Technology for the   
COMMENT   FITS Definition document #100 and other FITS information.             
DATE    = '21/07/95'           / FITS file creation date (dd/mm/yy)             
COMMENT      FITS optional reserved keywords:                                   
DATE-MAP= '01/05/95'           /  Date when this perm file was created          
ORIGIN  = 'CDAC    '           /  NASA Cosmology Data Analysis Center           
TELESCOP= 'COBE    '           /  Cosmic Background Explorer                    
INSTRUME= 'DMR     '           /  Differential Microwave Radiometers            
OBJECT  = 'ALL-SKY '           /                                                
EQUINOX =               2000.0 /                                                
REFERENC= 'C.L.Bennett, et al., 1995, COBE Preprint 95-04.' /                   
COMMENT     Other related references:                                           
COMMENT     'C.L.Bennett, et al., 1994, APJ, 436, 423.'                         
COMMENT     'G.F.Smoot, et al., 1992, APJ, 396, L1.'                            
COMMENT     'C.L.Bennett, et al., 1992, APJ, 396, L7.'                          
COMMENT     'E.L.Wright, et al., 1992, APJ, 396, L13.'                          
COMMENT     'A.Kogut, et al., 1992, APJ, 401, 1.'                               
COMMENT     'C.L.Bennett, et al., 1992, APJ, 391, 466.'                         
COMMENT     'G.F.Smoot, et al., 1990, APJ, 360, 685.'                           
COMMENT     'M.A.Janssen and S.Gulkis, 1992, in "The Infrared and Submillimeter 
COMMENT      Sky after COBE", eds. M.Signore and C.Dupraz (Dordrecht: Kluwer).' 
COMMENT     COBE/DMR specific keywords:                                         
CHAN_ID = '53B     '           /  DMR Channel name                              
COMMENT     Channel name is one of 31A, 31B, 53A, 53B, 90A, or 90B              
COMMENT     The thermodynamic and antenna temperature scales are related by     
COMMENT     a frequency-dependent factor corresponding to the deviation of the  
COMMENT     Rayleigh-Jeans law from the Planck function.  See DMR calibration   
COMMENT     paper (Bennett et.al., 1992, APJ, 391, 466) for details.            
TEMPTYPE= 'ANTENNA '           /  Scale used for temperature fields,            
COMMENT                        / one of 'ANTENNA ' or 'THERMO  '                
PLNCKCOR=             1.074197 /  Thermodynamic temperature =                   
COMMENT                        /   PLNCKCOR * antenna temperature               
FREQ    =              5.3E+10 /  Frequency in Hz at which data were taken      
COMMENT                        / Also used to define conversion from antenna    
COMMENT                        / to thermodynamic temperature                   
COORDSYS= 'E       '           /  Pixelization coordinate system                
COMMENT     Coordinate system is one of E = Ecliptic, G = Galactic,             
COMMENT     C = Celestial, i.e. Equatorial, or S = Special                      
PIXRESOL=                    6 /  Quad tree pixel resolution                    
ACCUM   =                    T /  If "T", file is pix-perm accumulations        
COMMENT     Pix-perm accumulations format is specified to distinguish           
COMMENT     from other pix-perm formats used internally by the DMR team         
DATE-BEG= '22/12/89'           /  Data set start date                           
JSTART  = '89356000000000'     /  Start time YYDDDHHMMSSHHH                     
DATE-END= '21/12/93'           /  Data set stop date                            
JSTOP   = '93356000000000'     /  Stop time YYDDDHHMMSSHHH                      
COMMENT     DATE-BEG and DATE-END give the date during which                    
COMMENT     the earliest and the latest data used in this product               
COMMENT     were obtained.                                                      
COMMENT     JSTART and JSTOP delimit in a form expected by COBE software        
COMMENT     the interval of time during which the data used                     
COMMENT     in this product were obtained.                                      
BASELINE= 'MEAN    '           /  Baseline used                                 
RMS_NOML=            24.896265 /  Nominal rms noise level (mK in 0.5 sec)       
RMS_FLGT=            27.124078 /  Flight rms noise level (mK in 0.5 sec)        
COMMENT                        / (Derived from skymap Chi-squared)              
TOT_OBS =            218586649 /  Total number of observations                  
ECLIPSE =                    T /  If "T", eclipse data are included             
COR_MAGS=                    T /  If "T", magnetic susceptibility corrected     
COR_MEMO=                    T /  If "T", LIA memory corrected                  
COR_ECLI=                    T /  If "T", eclipse effect corrected              
COR_EART=                    F /  If "T", Earth limb corrected                  
COR_MOON=                    T /  If "T", Moon corrected                        
COR_MARS=                    T /  If "T", Mars corrected                        
COR_JUPI=                    T /  If "T", Jupiter corrected                     
COR_SATU=                    T /  If "T", Saturn corrected                      
VEL_SUN =                    T /  If "T", Sun velocity corrected                
VEL_EART=                    T /  If "T", Earth velocity corrected              
VEL_COBE=                    T /  If "T", satellite velocity corrected          
COMMENT     The following vector defines the dipole which has been removed      
COMMENT     from this dataset ("sun velocity correction").  The purpose of      
COMMENT     this correction is to minimize the gradient over a pixel due        
COMMENT     to the dipole; this vector is neither a definitive DMR value        
COMMENT     for the dipole nor the best fit dipole derived from this dataset.   
COMMENT     To restore the dipole to the SUM for each pix-perm, add in N_OBS    
COMMENT     times the dot product of this vector with the vector obtained       
COMMENT     by subtracting the pointing for PIX_MINU, from the pointing         
COMMENT     for PIX_PLUS.                                                       
COMMENT     The vector is in mK antenna temperature in Ecliptic coordinates.    
DIP_MAG =             3.124408 /  Magnitude in mK antenna                       
COMMENT                        / of value used to remove dipole                 
DIP_ELON=             171.8793 /  Ecliptic longitude in degrees                 
COMMENT                        / of value used to remove dipole                 
DIP_ELAT=            -11.67802 /  Ecliptic latitude in degrees                  
COMMENT                        / of value used to remove dipole                 


XTENSION= 'BINTABLE'           / Extension type is Binary Table                 
BITPIX  =                    8 / Binary data                                    
NAXIS   =                    2 / Data are in a table                            
NAXIS1  =                   24 / Number of 8 bit bytes in each row              
NAXIS2  =              1726238 / Number of rows                                 
PCOUNT  =                    0 / Number of bytes of data following table        
GCOUNT  =                    1 / Group count (always 1 for bintable extensions) 
TFIELDS =                    7 / Number of fields (columns) in the table        
COMMENT     DMR Project Data Set FITS Pixelized Data                            
EXTNAME = 'DMR_PIXPERM'        /  name of this binary table extension           
COMMENT     Plus pixel for this pix-perm                                        
TFORM1  = '1I      '           /  data format of the field: 2-byte INTEGER      
TTYPE1  = 'PIX_PLUS'           /  entire fieldname = PIX_PLUS                   
TUNIT1  = '        '           /                                                
COMMENT     Minus pixel for this pix-perm                                       
TFORM2  = '1I      '           /  data format of the field: 2-byte INTEGER      
TTYPE2  = 'PIX_MINU'           /  entire fieldname = PIX_MINUS                  
TUNIT2  = '        '           /                                                
COMMENT     Number of observations for this pix-perm                            
TFORM3  = '1J      '           /  data format of the field: 4-byte INTEGER      
TTYPE3  = 'N_OBS   '           /  entire fieldname = N_OBS                      
TUNIT3  = '        '           /                                                
COMMENT     Sum of DT data for this pix-perm                                    
TFORM4  = '1E      '           /  data format of the field: 4-byte REAL         
TTYPE4  = 'SUM     '           /  entire fieldname = SUM                        
TUNIT4  = 'mK      '           /  physical unit of field                        
COMMENT     Sum of squares of DT data                                           
TFORM5  = '1E      '           /  data format of the field: 4-byte REAL         
TTYPE5  = 'SUM_2   '           /  entire fieldname = SUM_2                      
TUNIT5  = 'mK**2   '           /  physical unit of field                        
COMMENT     Sum of cubes of DT data                                             
TFORM6  = '1E      '           /  data format of the field: 4-byte REAL         
TTYPE6  = 'SUM_3   '           /  entire fieldname = SUM_3                      
TUNIT6  = 'mK**3   '           /  physical unit of field                        
COMMENT     Sum of fourth powers of DT data                                     
TFORM7  = '1E      '           /  data format of the field: 4-byte REAL         
TTYPE7  = 'SUM_4   '           /  entire fieldname = SUM_4                      
TUNIT7  = 'mK**4   '           /  physical unit of field                        

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