FITS Headers


Primary Header

SIMPLE  =                    T / Written by IDL:  Fri Oct 26 12:11:19 2018      
BITPIX  =                    8 / number of bits per data pixel                  
NAXIS   =                    0 / number of data axes                            
EXTEND  =                    T / FITS dataset may contain extensions            
COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format defined in Astronomy and
COMMENT   Astrophysics Supplement Series v44/p363, v44/p371, v73/p359, v73/p365.
COMMENT   Contact the NASA Science Office of Standards and Technology for the   
COMMENT   FITS Definition document #100 and other FITS information.             
DATE    = '2006-10-10'         / FITS file creation date (yyyy-mm-dd)           
ORIGIN  = 'LAMBDA  '           /  Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data  
COMMENT                        /   Analysis                                     
TELESCOP= 'COBE    '           /  COsmic Background Explorer satellite          
INSTRUME= 'FIRAS   '           /  COBE instrument [DIRBE, DMR, FIRAS]           
OBJECT  = 'ALL-SKY '           /  part of sky given [ALL-SKY, GAL-SLICE]        
PRODUCT = 'C-VEC-HPX'          /  C Vector, HEALPix Version                     
EQUINOX =              2000.00 /  equinox of coords in following tables         
REFERENC= 'For additional information, please refer to the' /                   
REFERENC= 'COBE Far Infrared Absolute Spectrophotometer (FIRAS)' /              
REFERENC= 'Explanatory Supplement, ed. J.C. Mather et al,' /                    
REFERENC= 'COBE Ref. Pub. No. 97-C (Greenbelt, MD: NASA/GSFC),' /               
REFERENC= 'available in electronic form from the NSSDC and LAMBDA.' /           
COMMENT     HEALPix specific keywords                                           
PIXTYPE = 'HEALPIX '           / Pixel algorigthm                               
ORDERING= 'NESTED  '           / Ordering scheme                                
RESOLUTN=                    4 /Resolution index                                
NSIDE   =                   16 /Resolution parameter                            
NPIX    =                 3072 /# of pixels                                     
FIRSTPIX=                    0 /First pixel (0 based)                           
LASTPIX =                 3071 /Last pixel (0 based)                            
COMMENT     COBE specific keywords                                              
DATE-BEG= '24/11/89'           /  date of initial data represented (dd/mm/yy)   
DATE-END= '21/09/90'           /  date of final data represented (dd/mm/yy)     
COMMENT     FIRAS specific keywords                                             
CHANSCAN= 'HIGH    '           /  Field indicating combination of data from     
COMMENT   / various channels and mirror transport                               
COMMENT   / mechanism scan modes.  LOWF is a combination                        
COMMENT   / of the low frequency RLSS, RLFS, RLFL, LLSS,                        
COMMENT   / LLFS, and LLFL data.  HIGH is a combination of                      
COMMENT   / the high frequency RHSS, RHSF, RHLF, LHSS,                          
COMMENT   / LHSF, and LHLF data.  HIF2, HIF3, and HIF4                          
COMMENT   / divide the HIGH data into three frequency                           
COMMENT   / bands, as indicated by the NU_ZERO and                              
COMMENT   / NUM_FREQ fields.  HRES is a combination of the                      
COMMENT   / high resolution RLLF and LLLF data.  For the                        
COMMENT   / uncombined channel/scan mode labels, the first                      
COMMENT   / two characters of the label indicate the                            
COMMENT   / channel, the first being the instrument side:                       
COMMENT   / right (R) or left (L); and the second being                         
COMMENT   / the frequency:  high (H) or low (L).  The                           
COMMENT   / third and fourth characters indicate the scan                       
COMMENT   / mode, the third being the scan length:  short                       
COMMENT   / (S) or long (L); and the fourth being the scan                      
COMMENT   / speed:  slow (S) or fast (F).  In addition,                         
COMMENT   / the scan mode may take the following values                         
COMMENT   / for low frequency data only (channel = RL or                        
COMMENT   / LL):                                                                
COMMENT   /      FS: decimated SF data;                                         
COMMENT   /      FL: truncated LF data.                                         
MODLLABL= 'PASS4   '           /  FIRAS calibration model solution label        
MISS_SEG= 'ENTIRE_MISSION'     /  FIRAS segment of mission represented          
NU_ZERO =        612.187290000 /  Optical frequency of initial data point in GHz
DELTA_NU=        13.6041620000 /  Optical frequency interval between data points
COMMENT                        /    in GHz                                      
NUM_FREQ=                  170 /  Number of frequency points with good data     
GALATEXC=                   20 /  Absolute value of galactic latitude in degrees
COMMENT                        /   below which input data was excluded in       
COMMENT                        /   producing this dataset                       

Extension Header 2

XTENSION= 'BINTABLE'           / Extension type is Binary Table                 
BITPIX  =                    8 / Binary data                                    
NAXIS   =                    2 / Data are in a table                            
NAXIS1  =                  728 / Number of 8 bit bytes in each row              
NAXIS2  =                    1 / Number of rows                                 
PCOUNT  =                    0 / Number of bytes of data following table        
GCOUNT  =                    1 / Group count (always 1 for bintable extensions) 
TFIELDS =                    1 / Number of fields (columns) in the table        
COMMENT    FIRAS C Vector                                                       
COMMENT    Project Dataset Record Structure                                     
COMMENT    C vector, in MJy/sr                                                  
TFORM1  = '182E    '           /                                                
TDIM1   = '(182)   '           /                                                
TTYPE1  = 'C_VECTOR'           /  entire fieldname = C_VECTOR                   
TUNIT1  = 'MJy/sr  '           /                                                

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