FITS Headers


Primary Header

SIMPLE  =                    T / file does conform to FITS standard             
BITPIX  =                  -32 / number of bits per data pixel                  
NAXIS   =                    3 / number of data axes                            
NAXIS1  =                  600 / in-scan axis                                   
NAXIS2  =                  600 / cross-scan axis                                
NAXIS3  =                    4 / array id index                                 
EXTEND  =                    T / FITS dataset may contain extensions            
COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format is defined in 'Astronomy
COMMENT   and Astrophysics', volume 376, page 359; bibcode: 2001A&A...376..359H 
DATE    = '2006-01-25T00:00:00' /file creation date (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss UT)    
TELESCOP= 'WMAP     '          / Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe           
OBJECT  = 'JUPITER '           / Beam maps of Jupiter                           
COMMENT   This file contains hybrid beam maps constructed from data supplemented
COMMENT   with model predictions for the low signal-to-noise pedestals.  Data   
COMMENT   consist of sightings of Jupiter during the first 3 years of WMAP      
COMMENT   observations.  Model predictions were substituted for data at the     
COMMENT   17,17,18,19 and 20 dBi levels of K,Ka,Q,V and W, respectively.        
COMMENT   The hybrid beams provided in this file are for the                    
COMMENT   differencing assembly indicated by the DA keyword. The contents of the
COMMENT   four 600x600 arrays are identified as follows from the CTYPE3 value:  
COMMENT   1 = beam map for Side A, in mK, antenna temperature                   
COMMENT   2 = statistical noise for each side A pixel, in mK, antenna temp.     
COMMENT   3 = beam map for Side B, in mK, antenna temperature                   
COMMENT   4 = statistical noise for each side B pixel, in mK, antenna temp.     
COMMENT   Beam data are provided out to roughly 9.0, 6.5, 5.0, 2.5 and 2.5      
COMMENT   degrees from beam center for K, Ka, Q, V and W bands respectively.    
COMMENT   Pixels with no coverage have values of zero.  Beam response has  not  
COMMENT   been corrected for the input transmission imbalance (A/B asymmetry).  
COMMENT   Origin of the focal plane coordinates [Xbeam,Ybeam] is the primary    
COMMENT   optic axis for either the A or B side; the individual antenna feeds   
COMMENT   are clustered about this axis.                                        
REFERENC= 'WMAP Explanatory Supplement: http://lambda.gsfc.nasa.gov/            
RELEASE = 'DR2     '           / WMAP Release                                   
VERSION = 'PASS 2  '           / Internal WMAP Version                          
STARTGMT= '20012690000000000000' / Start time of TOD used                       
ENDGMT  = '20031302359000000000' / End time of TOD used                         
DA      = 'W3      '           / Differencing Assembly                          
STOKES  = 'Intensity'          / i, q, or u                                     
GALMASK = '/map/data/flight/pass2/ref/alt_mask_K_p2_v2_src.fits' / Galaxy mask  
SHIELDS = 'S       '           / Shield angle avoidance                         
COMMENT Shield codes: [S]un, [E]arth, [M]oon                                    
CRVAL1  =         -11.9800000  / Value at first pixel (degrees)                 
CRPIX1  =                   1  / position of first pixel                        
CTYPE1  = 'Xbeam'              / in-scan coordinate; range +-5 degrees          
CDELT1  =           0.0400000  / in-scan bin increment, degree per pixel        
CRVAL2  =         -11.9800000  / Value at first pixel (degrees)                 
CRPIX2  =                   1  / position of first pixel                        
CTYPE2  = 'Ybeam'              / cross-scan coordinate, range +-5 degrees       
CDELT2  =           0.0400000  / x-scan bin increment, degree per pixel         
CRVAL3  =                   1  /                                                
CRPIX3  =                   1  /                                                
CTYPE3  = 'Array id'           / identifier specifying contents of 4 map arrays 
CDELT3  =                   1  /                                                

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