FITS Headers


Primary Header

SIMPLE  =                    T / file does conform to FITS standard             
BITPIX  =                   16 / number of bits per data pixel                  
NAXIS   =                    0 / number of data axes                            
EXTEND  =                    T / FITS dataset may contain extensions            
COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format is defined in 'Astronomy
COMMENT   and Astrophysics', volume 376, page 359; bibcode: 2001A&A...376..359H 
DATE    = '2008-02-26T00:00:00' /file creation date (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss UT)    
OBJECT  = 'ALL-SKY '           / Portion of sky given                           
COMMENT   This file contains the D3 dust templates used by the WMAP team in the 
COMMENT   removal of Galactic foregrounds from the 5-year Polarization maps. The
COMMENT   Q and U templates are constructed by using a model for the dust       
COMMENT   intensity (FDS dust model 8 evaluated at 94 Ghz, Finkbeiner           
COMMENT   Davis & Schlegel 1999) and the smoothed polarization                  
COMMENT   direction from combined starlight polarization data. The templates    
COMMENT   are in arbitrary units, HEALPix projection with Nside = 16.           
COMMETN   Further details can be found in Page etal (2006).                     
COMMENT   This file is distributed and maintained by LAMBDA.                    
REFERENC= 'Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis (LAMBDA)  '    
REFERENC= '                http://lambda.gsfc.nasa.gov/                    '    
REFERENC= 'Three-Year WMAP Observations: Polarization Analysis, '               
REFERENC= ' Page et al. 2006 '                                                  
REFERENC= 'Extrapolation of Galactic Dust Emission at 100 microns to Cosmic '   
REFERENC= ' Microwave Background Radiation Frequencies using FIRAS'             
REFERENC= ' Finkbeiner, Davis & Schlegel 1999 ApJ 524, 867 '                    
REFERENC= 'Berkeley mirror site for FDS99 data:                                 
REFERENC= '                              http://astron.berkeley.edu/dust/'      
REFERENC= 'HEALPix Home Page: http://www.eso.org/science/healpix/ '             
RELEASE = 'DR4     '           /WMAP Release                                    
STOKES  = 'QU      '           /                                                
RESOLUTN=                    4 / Resolution index                               
SKYCOORD= 'Galactic'           / Coordinate system                              
PIXTYPE = 'HEALPIX '           / Pixel algorithm                                
ORDERING= 'NESTED  '           / Ordering scheme                                
NSIDE   =                   16 / Resolution parameter                           
NPIX    =                 3072 / # of pixels                                    
FIRSTPIX=                    0 / First pixel (0 based)                          
LASTPIX =                 3071 / Last pixel (0 based)                           

Stokes Maps

XTENSION= 'BINTABLE'           /binary table extension                          
BITPIX  =                    8 /8-bit bytes                                     
NAXIS   =                    2 /2-dimensional binary table                      
NAXIS1  =                   16 /width of table in bytes                         
NAXIS2  =                 3072 /number of rows in table                         
PCOUNT  =                    0 /size of special data area                       
GCOUNT  =                    1 /one data group (required keyword)               
TFIELDS =                    4 /number of fields in each row                    
COMMENT  *** End of mandatory fields ***                                        
COMMENT  *** Column names ***                                                   
TTYPE1  = 'TEMPERATURE '       /label for field   1                             
COMMENT  *** Column formats ***                                                 
TFORM1  = 'E       '           /data format of field: 4-byte REAL               
TUNIT1  = 'none    '           /physical unit of field                          
TTYPE2  = 'Q_POLARISATION '    /label for field   2                             
TFORM2  = 'E       '           /data format of field: 4-byte REAL               
TUNIT2  = 'arbitrary units'    /physical unit of field                          
TTYPE3  = 'U_POLARISATION '    /label for field   3                             
TFORM3  = 'E       '           /data format of field: 4-byte REAL               
TUNIT3  = 'arbritrary units'   /physical unit of field                          
TTYPE4  = 'N_OBS   '           /label for field   2                             
TFORM4  = 'E       '           /data format of field: 4-byte REAL               
TUNIT4  = 'counts  '           /physical unit of field                          
EXTNAME = 'Stokes Maps'        /name of this binary table extension             
DATE    = '2008-02-26T00:00:00' /Table creation date                            
PIXTYPE = 'HEALPIX '           /Pixel algorithm                                 
ORDERING= 'NESTED  '           /Ordering scheme                                 
NSIDE   =                   16 /Resolution parameter                            
FIRSTPIX=                    0 /First pixel (0 based)                           
LASTPIX =                 3071 /Last pixel (0 based)                            
COMMENT   The full-sky Q and U templates are contained in the Q_POLARISATION    
COMMENT    and U_POLARISATION fields.                                           
COMMENT   The TEMPERATURE field contains all zeroes and is filled only          
COMMENT    to provide a format consistent with that used by WMAP products.      
COMMENT   N_obs is set to 1 for all pixels. The N_obs field is filled           
COMMENT    only to provide a format consistent with that used by                
COMMENT    WMAP products.                                                       

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