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This is the ACT lensing likelihood routine from Das et al 2011 (astro-ph/1103.2124), written in Fortran 90.

It is a simple chisq routine that takes in a theoretical deflection spectrum, and compares it to the ACT data file in the /data directory. To use it, you should edit the Makefile for your fortran compiler;

make                    #compiles the likelihood
./test                  #runs a test spectrum and returns the chisq

The likelihood is computed in ACT_lens_likelihood.f90. The array 'clpp' should be l2C_ldd/4 (equivalent to Ckk), as shown in Figure 2 of Das et al 2011 and Figure 1 of Sherwin et al 2011 (astro-ph/1105.0419).

The data files are: data/cl_kk_act_v2.dat (2nd column binned Ckk, 3rd column error) data/bin_kk_act_v2.dat (1st column ell-minimum of bin, 2nd column ell-maximum)

Code written by J. Dunkley, S. Das, B. Sherwin, R. Hlozek, with format based on the WMAP likelihood code.
Please reference Das et al 2011, astro-ph/1103.2124 if you use this code.

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