ACT (MBAC) Data Products - South 2008 Beam Functions

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These two files represent the radial beam profile and the Fourier space window function of the ACT beam, appropriate for use with the ACT 148 GHz maps of 2008 data released with Dunner et al.

Both the radial beam profile and the window function include a convolution with the map pixel aperture (a 29.7" square) and a pointing variation term (modeled as a guassian with stdev 6").

The radial beam profile is peak-normalized. The file contains two columns corresponding to the radial coordinate (in degrees) and the beam response relative to the peak.

The window function is the square of the harmonic transform (on the sphere) of the azimuthally averaged beam. The first column is the angular frequency, ell, and the second column is the window function normalized to 1 at ell=700.

The solid angle of the point spread function in the ACT maps (including the effects of pointing variation and the pixel aperture) is 2.35e-7 steradians.

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