ACT (MBAC) Data Products - Chains Using ACT Lensing Likelihood and WMAP Data

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This tarball includes 6 chains run for the lcdm+curvature model, with results reported in Sherwin et al. 2011 (astro-ph/1105.0419), using WMAP 7-year data plus ACT lensing likelihood described in Das et al. 2011 (astro-ph/1103.2124).

The chains are formatted using the WMAP standard formatting. They can be analysed for example using the patch to the CosmoMC Getdist: The chains have a separate file for each parameter, in addition to a weight file.

The sampled parameters, described in Sherwin et al. 2011, are baryon density (omegabh2), cold dark matter density (omegach2), dark energy fraction (omegal), spectral index (n002), optical depth (tau), amplitude at k=0.002/Mpc (a002), curvature (omegak), and SZ template amplitude (Asz).

Also included are a set of derived parameters: redshift to reionization (zrei), age of the universe (age), amplitude of matter fluctuations (sigma8), and time/redshift of recombination (trec, zrec).

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