ACT (MBAC) Data Products - CMB Primordial Spectrum 2008

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This is the software and chains used by the ACT collaboration in Hlozek et al 2011 [1105.4887]. It includes the modification to CAMB required to use a binned primordial power spectrum instead of a power law, and modifications to CosmoMC to sample these additional parameters. There is a Readme in the tarball detailing the modifications.

To use the code, the current version of CAMB and/or CosmoMC should be downloaded, and then the modifications included.

The MCMC chain corresponds to the 27-dimensional model with a binned primordial power spectrum, using the ACT 2008 data and the WMAP 7-year data. It can be analysed with CosmoMC's getdist package. The chain output is written using standard CosmoMC format, not the WMAP format.

Additional Details

  • "The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: a measurement of the primordial power spectrum", R. Hlozek, et al. (2011) [eprint arXiv:1105.4887]

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