ACT (ACTPol) Data Products - Delensing Likelihood Products

DR4 Delensing Likelihood Products described in Han et al. 2020


Best-fit parameters:

The files 060420_lensed_best_fits_params.txt and 060420_delensed_best_fits_params.txt contain the best-fit parameters, obtained by taking the mean of 20 cosmoMC minimization (action=2) runs. They are listed in the following order:

'a_tsz_act', 'a_ksz_act', 'xi_act', 'a_d_act',
'a_s_act', 'a_c_act', 'a_g_act', 'a_tps_act', 'a_ps_act',
'a_gte_act', 'a_gee_act', 'beta_c_act', 'yp1_act', 'yp2_act'

See the accompanying image file to see what each *_act parameter represents.

Theory from delensed marginalized mean parameters:

060820_cmb_theo_dls_binned_cal_leakage.txt contains the CMB theory spectra. 060820_fg_theo_dls_binned_cal_leakage.txt contains the foreground theory spectra.

These files contain the theory obtained from the marginalized mean parameters obtained from delensed spectra. The spectra are in the form D_l = l(l+1) C_l / 2pi and have units of uK^2. Both sets of spectra are binned and calibrated, and the leakage corrections have been applied.

Both files have 14 columns in the following order:

lbin (bin centers)
D_l^TT98x98 Ghz
D_l^TT98x150 Ghz
D_l^TT150x150 Ghz
D_l^TE98x98 Ghz
D_l^TE98x150 Ghz
D_l^TE150x98 Ghz
D_l^TE150x150 Ghz
D_l^EE98x98 Ghz
D_l^EE98x150 Ghz
D_l^EE150x150 Ghz
D_l^BB98x98 Ghz
D_l^BB98x150 Ghz
D_l^BB150x150 Ghz

Note that for all TT spectra, the first two entries (first two bins) are set to zero. This is because we use all 49 bins for TE and EE, but 47 bins for TT, beginning at lbin = 600.

MCMC Chains:

The folder actdelens_chains contains the full chains from cosmoMC, along with other standard cosmoMC output files. The files with roots beginning with lensed_000_run00 are chains run on lensed spectra, and files with roots beginning with delensed_000_run00 are chains run on delensed spectra.

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