ACT (ACTPol) Data Products - DR4 Multifrequency Likelihood Software

DR4 Baseline Multi-frquency Likelihood presented in Choi et al. 2020

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This is the software used by the ACT collaboration to compute the likelihood from multi-frequency spectra and to derive CMB-only marginalized bandpowers. This code models the full ACTPol spectra at 98x98, 98x150 and 150x150 GHz from 350 < l < 8000 measured during 2013-2016 in temperature and polarization. The model includes also Galactic and extragalactic emission, as well as calibration and polarizaton efficiency corrections. It is based on the WMAP and ACT team's likelihood software.

To build, modify the data path in Options.f90 and the Makefile to reflect your system's environment. Then

> make # Compiles the likelihood software and builds a test program.
> ./test # Runs the test program.

Please reference Choi et al. 2020 and Aiola et al. 2020 if you use this code.</p>

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