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This is the software used by the ACTPol collaboration to compute the likelihood of cosmological models, using the 146 GHz combined D1, D5, and D6 TT, TE and EE power spectra measured by ACTPol from 200< ell < 9000 during the first observing season (2013).

This software is written in Fortran 90 and is based on WMAP and ACT likelihood codes. It requires the LAPACK library.

A single tarball is supplied, containing the likelihood and data for ACTPol temperature and polarization. The likelihood should be passed lensed CMB TT, TE and EE power spectra, as well as a set of secondary parameters describing the SZ and foreground emission. In the default settings the CMB Cls are passed to the likelihood following the cosmomc format (TT, TE, EE), the user needs to modify ACT_d156.f90 for different Cls inputs. See the readme.txt for more information.

To build, modify the Makefile to reflect your system's environment. Then
> make # Compiles the likelihood software and builds a test program.
> ./test # Runs the test program.
Please reference Naess et al. 2014 if you use this code.

Additional Details:

Naess et al. (2014), "The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: CMB polarization at 200 < l < 9000", JCAP, 10, 007. ADS, arXiv

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