ACT Data Products - Temperature Power Spectra

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The ACT temperature power spectra are combined to estimated the CMB bandpowers, marginalized over foregrounds and SZ. Spectra are given for each region (ACT-E and ACT-S). The coadded spectra are also given.

The spectra are estimated from 2008-2011 ACT data, and the SPT bandpowers are also estimated using the same method from the SPT data reported in Story et al 2012. The spectra are binned, and are given with the following columns:

-the mean multipole moment l

-the power spectrum in units of \mu K^2 l(l+1)C_l/2\pi

-the error for the binned value in units of \mu K^2 l(l+1)C_l/2\pi

These spectra are for use for plotting purposes and do not include the covariance between spectra of different patches and seasons. For statistical comparison to a theory Cl, the theory Cls should be convolved with bandpower window functions. The raw data Cls and window functions can be found in the ACT likelihood tarball.

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