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The ACT temperature power spectra are computed at 148 GHz and 218 GHz. Three spectra are given for each region (ACT-E and ACT-S), for 148x148, 148x218, and 218x218. The coadded spectra are also given. For each of these spectra, the estimated Galactic dust contribution has already been removed.

The spectra estimated from 2008-2011 ACT data, which is split into subsets to make four maps. Only cross-spectra of these maps are used in the final estimate. Errors are estimated using an analytic prescription.

The spectra are binned, and are each given in a separate file with the following columns:

-the mean multipole moment l

-the power spectrum in units of μK2, l(l+1)C_l/2pi

-the error for the binned value in units of μK2, l(l+1)C_l/2pi

These spectra are for use for plotting purposes. For statistical comparison to a theory Cl, the theory Cls should be convolved with bandpower window functions. The raw data Cls and window functions can be found in the ACT likelihood tarball.

Additional Details

  • The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Temperature and Gravitational Lensing Power Spectrum Measurements from Three Seasons of Data," S. Das, T. Louis, M. Nolta et al. (2013) [print arXiv:1301.1037]

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