ACT (ACTPol) Data Products - ACT DR4 Lensing Maps and DES-Y3 Cosmic Shear


Cosmological constraints presented in Shaikh, Harrison et al. (2024) from cross-correlation of ACT DR4 lensing maps and DES-Y3 cosmic shear.

The output of the Monte Carlo chains used for estimating the posterior on cosmological and nuisance parameters. Consisting of output text files from the Cobaya mcmc sampler, including a yaml format specification for re-running the chain. Readily readable and analysable as described here with the GetDist package.

The main results chain as displayed in Figures 17, 18, B3 of the paper.

The result using only the two highest redshift bins (3, 4) from DES, as displayed in Figure 19 of the paper.

The result using only the two lowest redshift bins (1, 2) from DES, as displayed in Figure 19 of the paper.

The result including only the highest redshift bin from DES (4) and varying only the galaxy weak lensing nuisance parameters
and , as displayed in Figure 20 of the paper.

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