ACT Targeted Transient Flux Constraints


ACT Targeted Transient Flux Constraints from Hervías-Caimapo et al. 2023

This data release provides full tables of flux density upper limits for individual targeted transients as observed by ACT, presented in Hervías-Caimapo et al. (2023). The tables include multiple time ranges before and after the discovery of the transient, in the f090, f150, f220 frequency channels of ACT when available. Samples of the content of the tables are shown in the paper, while this release includes all the individual transients.

During the peer review process, we discovered two mistakes that impact the flux calculation: we did not deconvolve the pixel window function from maps and the spectral correction for beams was executed with the wrong procedure. However, the effect is minimal, of only a few percent in the flux estimation. In February 2024 the tables were updated correcting for these.


There are three tables: table_SNe.txt corresponds to SNe and Astronomical Transients (ATs), table_TDEs.txt corresponds to TDEs, and table_GRBs corresponds to GRBs. All the flux density upper limits are in units of mJy.

table_SNe.txt: The names of the transients (SNe or ATs) were taken from the Open Supernova Catalog (, so the names follow the convention in that catalog. Some SNe have multiple names, but in our table we list whatever name is first in the Open Supernova Catalog.

table_TDEs.txt: The names of TDEs were taken either from the Open TDE Catalog (, from the Gezari 2021 review ( or the two TDEs from Sazonov et al. (2021) ( Some TDEs can have multiple names, but in our table we list whatever name is first in these sources.

table_GRBs.txt: The names of GRBs are standard, named after the day they were detected. They were taken from the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory site (

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