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CMB Spectra 2016


CMB Spectra 2016

The ACTPol TT, EE and TE power spectra from different patches are combined to estimated the CMB-only bandpowers, marginalized over astrophysical foregrounds.

The spectra are binned, and are given with the following columns:

-the mean multipole moment l

-the power spectrum in units of μK2 Cl

-the error for the binned value in units of μK2 Cl

These spectra are released for plotting purposes and do not include the full covariance. For statistical comparison to a theory Cl, the theory Cls should be convolved with bandpower window functions. Any likelihood analysis should be performed using the corresponding CMB-only likelihood provided.

The unmarginalised TT, EE and TE spectra and window functions are given in the fullspectra tarball.

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