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These 128 FITS files are the two-year data from ACTPol and are the maps use to the results presented in Louis et al. (2016).

The maps presented are both the 4-way splits used to compute the power spectrum, and 1-way inverse-variance co-added field maps.

The maps are references using the following name format:

  • 'ACTPol_148_'+field+'_'+set+'_'+component+'.fits'
  • e.g. 'ACTpol_148_D5_PA1_S1_4way_split0_I_src_free.fits'
  • The possible "field" tags are: ['D5_PA1_S1','D6_PA1_S1','D56_PA1_S2','D56_PA2_S2']
  • The possible "set" tags are: ['1way','4way_split0','4way_split1','4way_split2','4way_split3']
  • Possible "component" tags are: ['I_src_free','I','Q','U','hits','noise']

** I_src_free indicates calibrated T map with sources subtracted at the time-stream level [uK]
** I indicates calibrated T map with sources restored (i.e. added back to the map) [uK]
** Q indicated calibrated Q map [uK]
** U indicated calibrated U map [uK]
** hits indicates hit-count map
** noise indicates white-noise map [uK-pixel]

The temperature and polarization maps are calibrated with a single coefficient, which is measured for each field and reported in Louis et at. (2016). An extra polarization efficiency parameter is included (and let to vary) in the likelihood analysis and NOT considered here.

The label "1way" indicates the co-added maps, while 4way indicates the maps are part of the set of 4 splits.

1way maps (set='1way') also have components: ['risingscans_hits','settingscans_hits']
** risingscans_hits indicated hit-count map made with rising scans only
** settingscans_hits indicates hit-count map made with setting scans only

The beams used in Louis et al. (2016) are also presented on LAMBDA, and the resultant power spectra from the Louis et al. (2016) paper.

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