ACT (ACTPol) Data Products
MCMC Chains and Cobaya Input Files from Hill et al. (2021) [ACT Collaboration]

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We provide download links to gzipped tar files containing the MCMC chains and Cobaya (v2) input files used in the analyses presented in Hill et al. (2021). These files correspond to the results presented in Tables 1 - 9 in the paper (as well as in various figures), in which we sample the posteriors for various data sets in the LCDM and early dark energy (EDE) models using CLASS_EDE and Cobaya, making use of the ACT DR4 likelihood. In the following, we list the data set combinations used in each case, followed by links to the files for the LCDM and EDE analyses. Results derived in the paper can be obtained by post-processing these chains, e.g., with GetDist. Note that no burn-in has been removed from any chains; you should remove a sensible burn-in fraction prior to analysis. Also, note that these chains have been run with enhanced numerical precision settings in the Einstein-Boltzmann calculation in CLASS, as detailed in Appendix A of Hill et al. (2021). Please contact jch2200 at columbia dot edu if you have any questions.

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