BICEP1 Two Year Data Product Details

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Band Power and Errors

The file BICEP_20090618.txt contains the BICEP TT, EE, BB, TE, TB, EB bandpowers and errors. The units are in uK^2.

BICEP Beam Errors

The file BICEP_beam_err.txt contains band power uncertainties, S_b, from beam error.

CosmoMC Files

This tarball, BICEP_20060618.tgz, contains the BICEP data in "newdat" format, as well as the band power window functions, and is intended for use in CosmoMC. The newdat file contains BICEP's TT, EE, BB, TE, TB, EB spectra; however, we have set the band selection flags so that only the EE and BB spectra are used. The beam error is turned off because CosmoMC does not pin the error at the angular scales that are used for absolute calibration, but this approximation is valid for BB. Per-bin band power uncertainties from beam error are available in BICEP_beam_err.txt.

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