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Band Powers

Q band + W band power spectrum results from the final season of CAPMAP in winter 2004-2005. E-mode and B-mode power spectra are given in 7 bands in the range 200 <~ l <~ 3000. The errors tabulated are statistical only. Systematic errors are 0.15 sigma, 0.18 sigma, 0.21 sigma, 0.27 sigma, 0.37 sigma, 0.29 sigma, 0.29 sigma in the 7 bands respectively, where sigma denotes the statistical 1 sigma confidence interval half-width. See Table 1 of Bischoff et al. (2008). Not reflected in these results is an overall 18%-20% calibration uncertainty affecting the results and the error bars equally.

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Bischoff et al. 2008, "New Measurements of Fine-Scale CMB Polarization Power Spectra from CAPMAP at Both 40 and 90 GHz", ApJ, 684, 771. ADS.

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