Foreground: HI Column Density

HI4PI Low and Intermediate Velocity HI

Coordinate System:
Projection Type:
HEALPix, ring, res 10 (Nside=1024)
survey dependent: 16.1 min
Original Data Source:
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Lenz et al. (2017) used data from the HI4PI all-sky survey of HI 21-cm line emission to produce an all-sky map of HI column density for gas at |vLSR|< 90 km/s. The interstellar reddening map Lenz et al. derived from these data is also available and is described here.

More details can be found in:

"A new, large-scale map of interstellar reddening derived from HI emission", Lenz, Hensley, and Doré 2017, ApJ, in press, arXiv
Harvard Dataverse

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